As a social media platform, Facebook is the place where users participate in social networking. It is the place where users interact with each other through sharing of different types of content. Some content becomes viral after some time while others are simply not shareable. Those content that are not shareable will be buried under the thousands of updates that other people are posting. Same goes for job posting on Facebook. If the job posting is not shareable, you might not even receive 1 suitable job application. So here are 4 ideas for Facebook job posting that recruiters use.

Everyone loves to inspire and be inspired

Everyone loves upbeat and inspiring stories. And they love to share them. The viral stories on social media are usually the upbeat and inspiring ones. So what kind of inspiring stories can you tell from your company? You can share a picture of a colleague with information on how the colleague grew within the company and the link to ‘Join our team today’. Or a video on the humble beginnings of the company and how the company grew to its current state with a link for ‘Join us to make a difference tomorrow.’ Personally, inspiring stories are my top choice for a Facebook job post because it is the most shareable type of message and it makes others want to join the company.

Laughter is always the best way to bridge relationship

Humor may not be as shareable as upbeat and inspirational stories but it is interactive. People react to humor easily. And every profession has their inside jokes. Not everyone gets the joke but those that do often reacts to it by liking it, commenting or sharing it. Incorporate some of these jokes into your Facebook job posting and you may see an increase in your reach and engagement towards certain groups of people.

Everyone likes to feel smart

Intellectual job postings are the ones that I share often too. It involves having the user to solve a problem on or off Facebook. The answer may be a hidden message or the key to the company’s contact details to make the job posting more interesting. Or if you host the challenge yourself, you can design it to be more complicated and have an appointment scheduling system at the end to invite those who completed the challenge to an interview. These challenges allow the solvers to have a sense of achievement. And people likes to share their achievements online. However, this type of Facebook job posting is only suitable for certain kinds of profession.

‘I am hiring’ type of Job Post

This is the most direct and most common form of job posting on Facebook. If you have an excellent unique selling proposition for this job vacancy, then it may be the ideal message in the Facebook job post. For instance, you may be offering a compensation package that is in the top 10% for the job in the industry or the job requires the employee to travel 50% of the time to different countries. So long as your selling proposition is enticing enough, you should be receiving applications for the job vacancy soon. Even if you do not have a very enticing job post, if you are just looking for entry level candidates, posting in relevant job groups should help you to get it started.