Companies and recruiters often source through job posting sites. Because it is one of the easiest ways to broadcast to thousands of active job seekers at the same time. However, to post a job advertisement on these sites can be costly. Fortunately, there are multiple free job posting sites that these companies and recruiters can post to.

Some of these free job posting sites also accept payment for exclusive featuring of your job advertisement or to access their premium features. However, all of their basic job postings are free. On the other hand, there are also job posting sites that only accept job advertisement for a fee. These paid job posting sites usually require the company to be registered on their website and pay for the job advertisement credits in advance.

Free Job Posting Sites

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Please take note that the web traffic is estimated data from for the month of February in 2017. It is not limited to web traffic from the Philippines.

Website Type Web Traffic in No. of Visits
(similarweb in Feb 2017)
Laimoon Job Board 756,800
BestJobs Job Board 469,800
Post Job Free Job Board 461,700 Job Board 27,000 Job Board 22,100
Gigajob Job Board 18,100 Job Board 12,900
JobsForEveryJuan Job Board 6,200 Job Board 4,900
Jobs Bulletin Job Board 4,400 Job Board 3,000
JobsCloud Job Board 2,500
IT Pinoy Job Board 2,500 Job Board 1,600
Calamba Job Board Job Board 1,600 Job Board 1,600
Calamba Job Board Job Board 1,600
CebuJobLine Job Board 1,400
Trabaho Tayo Job Board 1,100 Job Board 879
JobsBank Online Jobs Depot Job Board 350
Cebu Job Fair Job Board 254 Job Board 73
Jobpinas Job Board
Indeed Aggregator 1,300,000
JobisJob Aggregator 76,700
OLX Classified 11,900,000
Craigslist Manila Classified 376,300
Locanto Classified 279,700
CebuClassifieds Classified 102,800
Mitula Classified 19,700
CebuCentral Classified 230

In this list, there are 3 types of these free job posting sites for employers in the Philippines – job boards, aggregator sites and classified sites. The job boards are the normal job posting sites whereby each job advertisement is posted by the employer or recruiter.

The aggregator sites are also similar to the job boards. They allow employers and recruiters to post job advertisement on the website. However, they also include job advertisements from other websites and job boards. Upon clicking on these job advertisements, the user will be redirected to the website or job board where the advertisement first appeared.

The classified websites are websites that allow any sort of advertisement organized into categories. These websites may include advertisements to sell cosmetics, computers and even properties. And they also have a jobs section that employers and recruiters can post to. But unlike the normal job boards that include all relevant information, job advertisements on classified websites usually focus more on the employer or recruiter contact details.