Although many recruitment experts would say that social media recruiting is part of a successful recruitment strategy, I think it is still not that easy to look for candidates on social media platforms. Besides the difficulty of sourcing for candidates, it is another challenge to find their contact details. Of course it will a lot easier if you are willing to spend some money to subscribe to some services or buy a software to help you to do so. But, if you want to save your time and effort without spending money, you should look at these 5 free social media recruitment tools.


Recruit’em helps recruiters to form Google search queries to search on other websites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Stack Overflow, Github, Google+, Dribble and Xing. The best part is it is totally free. No hidden cost and no need to create any account. Simply select the platform that you wish to search in and fill in the fields. After you are done, you can either copy the search query and paste it in Google or click on ‘Open in Google’ to search immediately. It is as simple as that.


Unlike Recruit’em which primarily uses Google search engine, SourceHub combines some of the best social media search engines together. And it also covers a wider range of social media platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and many more. However, although the service is free, SourceHub requires you to have an account to use the service. After logging in, you will be able to input your search criteria. Based on your inputs, SourceHub will generate the search strings which you can still modify to your preference. After confirming your query, select the platform that you would like to search in at the bottom of the page. You will be surprised at the extent this tool goes.


360social is a browser extension that provides the contact details and the social media profiles of a person. After you find a suitable candidate on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, you can use this extension to find the person’s contact details and other social media profiles. Then simply reach out to the person. So you don’t have to go through another hassle trying to find the person contact details. This is a must have tool for headhunting. Besides, it also allows you to do a simple background check of your candidates. However, this tool is only available in chrome.


Similar to 360social, Prophet is another Chrome extension to look for contact details and the social media profiles of a person. It claims to be using an advanced engine to predict the most likely email combination for a given person based on name, company and other social data. So if you cannot find the contact details using social360, you should give Prophet a try. You might be surprised what this tool can do. But be warned, I tried it, and it is not 100% accurate. But I guess no risk, no gain.


Followerwonk is designed specifically to be used for Twitter. You should know that SourceHub is also using Followerwonk for its searches on Twitter. Using this tool, you can search for a job title or skill listed on any Twitter profile. Besides, you can also limit the search to a specific geographic area by filling in the location field under more options. The tool will generate a list of suitable candidates on Twitter based on your input.

Different Social Media Recruitment Tools

These free social media recruitment tools mainly focus on sourcing for candidates. There are also many other social media recruitment tools that companies use for other purposes such as to profile and analyze candidates or to track, manage and communicate with candidates. So what are the different social media recruitment tools that you are using? And what other free social media recruitment tools will you recommend? Let me know.