When it comes to sourcing for candidates on social media, most recruiters will think of LinkedIn. After all, it brands itself as the platform that connects the world professionals. However, compared to LinkedIn 4+ million users, Facebook has 39.8+ million users in the Philippines. It is almost 10 times more than the number of users on LinkedIn. Imagine what the impact will be if you can reach out to 10 times more users than your outreach in LinkedIn? But how to recruit employees on Facebook?

Recruiting on Facebook is Difficult

It may seem difficult to recruit on Facebook because Facebook does not have a jobs section and users generally don’t look for jobs on Facebook. So unless you are Facebook or Google, you probably will not have much success simply just by posting your job vacancy on Facebook. In order to successful use Facebook to recruit, you must ensure that your job vacancy post reaches out to as many potential candidates as possible and is able to capture the attention of these potential candidates.

Recruiting on Company Facebook Page is Not Effective, How?

There are several ways to reach out to these potential candidates. The most common way is to post the job vacancy on the company’s Facebook page. However, this is usually not effective unless you have a large number of followers. Furthermore, with all the changes to the Facebook algorithm, page posts are not reaching out like before. So besides posting on the company’s profile page, you also need to share the post on relevant Facebook groups. There are many professional Facebook groups in the Philippines that you can post to. On top of that, also get your colleagues and friends to help you to share your job vacancy post.

If you have a budget to spend, Facebook allows you to target your job advertisement or job vacancy post to specific groups of users. In that case, you can ensure that you reach out to your targeted audience leading to a higher level of suitability for the job. Otherwise, you can also find your potential candidates using Facebook graph search. Although I must say, it is not a very effective method to source for candidates.

Engagement is the new form of Recruitment on Facebook

Next, your job advertisement or job vacancy post must be able to capture the attention of these potential candidates. Because even if you can reach out to thousands of them, what’s the point if none of them is interested to know about the job vacancy?

You need to understand that although each user spends at least over an hour every day on Facebook in the Philippines, you only have that 2 seconds to catch their attention and provoke a reaction. So ensure that your post has the elements to engage with its audience for a more successful recruitment effort. Furthermore, the higher the engagement of your post, the higher the number of people it will be shown to. Only when people are interested to know about your job vacancy, then will people apply to it.