Facebook is the largest social networking site with more than 39.8 million users in the Philippines. Therefore, it is also a popular recruitment platform for recruiters. Then you must be wondering since it is a popular recruitment platform, why is it that you are not yet able to find a suitable job on Facebook? Don’t worry, follow these simple steps to use Facebook to find a job.

I had never searched and found a suitable job

The first thing to use Facebook to find a job is to search for existing job openings. In fact, everyone knows that they can search on Facebook. But the problem is that the search results are not always what you are looking for. Especially when you are looking for something specific, like a job. So how to search for job openings on Facebook? It’s actually very simple.

There are 2 ways to do it. One is through the normal Facebook search and the other way is to search it through a chrome extension called ‘Intelligence Search‘. When I searched for ‘hiring developer in the Philippines’, these 2 different methods provided me with different job postings. So you can use both methods to find more job postings.

Facebook Search

When you use the Facebook search to look for job postings, you can adjust the settings on the left side. Make sure that ‘Posted By’ is anyone, ‘Tagged Location’ is anywhere and the ‘Date Posted’ is one month before the current month. So that you will not find job postings that are already expired. If your search term has too many irrelevant results, then you should narrow down your search results. For example, you can search for “hiring developer in the Philippines” instead of “developer”.

Intelligence Search Tool

The 2nd method is to use this “Intelligence Search” chrome extension. After installing this chrome extension, select “Posts” and fill in according to the example. You can also modify your search terms for better results.

Job Search Tool on Facebook

Searching for Job Post on Facebook

Facebook Job Search Conditions

The Unknown Hiring

However, do you know that about 70% to 80% of all job vacancies is not advertised? So maybe the company is hiring but you are not aware of it. In fact, you could have applied for the job but you didn’t because you did not see the company’s job advertisement. So to prevent from missing out on these companies updates, draft out a list of companies that you wish to work in and follow all of them on their Facebook career page.

This is because firstly, Facebook search is only applicable for text and not images. So if they post their job vacancy in an image with a minimal caption, you will not be able to search for them. But now you can see these vacancies on their Facebook page. Secondly, you can message them to ask if they are open for hiring for certain position. Those of them who are active on social media will usually reply you within 48 hours time. Lastly, you can also get their email address from the “About” tab and drop them an email introducing yourself.

The Missing Opportunities

There are also actually many Facebook groups in the Philippines that promote job opportunities. In fact, many of these groups have 20,000 to 200,000 over members. And that’s why there is a constant stream of jobs being posted to these groups. And if you are not a member of these groups, you are missing out these job opportunities. Some groups also allow members to post information about themselves asking if there are any job opportunities. But please refrain from posting personal contact details.