A good job advertisement should be able to attract qualified candidates to apply. Qualified candidates mean candidates who can perform the job. So the job advertisement should include a realistic job description and a job requirement section to allow applicants to determine if they are suitable for the job. And the job advertisement should be able to attract qualified candidates to apply. So follow this guide on how to write a job advertisement to learn the essence of writing the different advertisement sections.

  • Job Title
  • Job Category
  • Job Description
  • Job Requirement
  • Job Offer

Job Advertisement Title vs Job Title

The job title may seem pretty straight forward but it is the most important element to get applicants. Because job titles are what the job seekers are searching for, on Google, on LinkedIn, and on the job posting sites. A marketing professional will search for marketing jobs instead of consumer behavior officer and a human resource officer will search for hr jobs instead of happiness officer. So use whatever job title you have internally but use the common job title that job seekers search for in the job advertisement.

Job Category or Professional Specialization

Most of the job posting sites requires the recruiter to indicate at least 1 job category professional specialization. In fact, you should maximize the number of job categories that you can select. And in the selection of the job category, you need to think of the categories that your ideal candidate will search under. So for instance, you may be looking for a fresh graduate with designing skills for a marketing position. You may also want to include design as one of the job categories. So when job seekers with designing skills search for design jobs, they will be able to find your job advertisement. And some of them may be interested in applying.

Job Description

Job description helps candidates to determine if they are able to perform the job. With specific duties and responsibilities, candidates will know what is expected of this job. Therefore by providing a detailed job description, you can reduce the number of unqualified applicants.

Job Requirements

Besides the job description, job requirements also allow the candidates to self-evaluate if they are equipped with the right knowledge and skills to succeed at the job. So it should include the skills, qualities, and certification that you are looking for. You should also note that in pursuant to the anti-age discrimination act of the Philippines, you are not allowed to publish job advertisements that indicate preferences for a specific age group.

Job Offer

Besides providing a realistic portrayal of the job, you also need to “sell” the job. Job seekers also have their expectations of the job and the company. It may be the financial rewards, or career growth opportunities or others. What can you offer to the candidates? It may not necessarily always be the salary, but inputting the salary range does help to increase application rate and giving the candidates realistic expectation.