Writing a job description that accurately and realistically portrays the job and attracting suitable candidates is difficult. Besides, it requires a clear understanding of the duties and responsibilities of the job. Therefore it is usually done through a job analysis, to thoroughly understand the job and the needs of the job. Essentially, it is a communication tool to let potential employees know what is expected of them.

Best Drafted by the Employee

So a job description is best drafted by someone on the job. Because that is the person who knows the job the best. And that is the best way of getting the list of tasks and responsibilities of the job. However, this list of tasks and responsibilities still needs to be vetted by the immediate supervisor to identify discrepancies and misunderstandings. Usually, the job description still needs to be refined at this point in time.

Alignment of Job Expectation

Because sometimes the job of the employee evolves, without the knowledge of the immediate supervisor. This leads to having an unrealistic expectation of the employee’s performance. And this gap may lead to disputes over the expectations of the employee’s job and performance. Therefore, the job description needs to be aligned with the immediate supervisor understanding and expectation. This can also help to rectify any existing discrepancy.

Actual Job Description

Besides highlighting the responsibilities and the day-to-day activities, the job description should also include the challenges of the job as well as how the position fits in the company. It should indicate who the position reports to and how is this position going to function within the company. The job description should have a summary of the job and possibly a categorized list of duties and responsibilities.

Other Information

Other than the job description, there should also be a job requirements section that describes the profile of the candidate who can succeed at the job. It usually includes the skills, type of experience, personal qualities and educational or professional certification. This can help the potential applicant to understand the ideal candidate that the company is looking for.