Advertising a job on online job boards can be costly. A single job advertisement can easily cost more than P1,000. Besides, the more popular the job board is, the higher the cost of posting a job advertisement. However, some of these popular job boards cater to more than hundreds of thousand job seekers every month.

So how much do you think it will cost to post on these job boards? The comparison below is based on the price of 1 Job Advertisement. If the information is not available, the basic package will be used.

Price Comparison of Online Job Sites

Job Sites Price Payment Type Package
Jobstreet P6,720 1 time payment 1 Job Ad
Jobstore USD 150 1 time payment 1 Job Ad
Kalibrr P3,898 1 time payment 10 candidate contacts
Monster P2,800 1 time payment 1 Job Ad
Mynimo P1,680 1 time payment 1 Job Ad P1,350 Per month 1 Job Ad / month
Gigajob* P1,200 1 time payment 1 Job Ad
manilajobs P999 1 time payment 1 Job Ad / month
Pinoy Jobs P499 Per month 10 Job Ads / month* USD 6 1 time payment 1 Job Ad

* Gigajob and do offer free basic job listing

Most of the price indicated above are for single regular job ad credit. Each credit can only be used for 1 job vacancy. And most of these job boards will restrict the changing of certain job information several days after posting the job advertisement. The job advertisement will remain on the job board for around 30 to 60 days. After that, it will be removed from their job listing. You will need to purchase another credit to post another job vacancy or repost your expired job advertisement.

Types of Job Advertisement

There are also different types of a job advertisement. A featured job ad can appear as side banner, widget, or displayed permanently on the top of the regular ones. This is supposed to significantly help to increase the exposure of the job advertisement. However, a featured job ad can cost up to 5 times of a regular job ad.

Resume Search Functionality

Another prominent feature of these job boards is the ability to search for resumes. Many of the job boards which requires job seekers’ registration also provide resume search service. However, the job sites will require you to buy credits to view the contact details of the resume you have searched. That is usually a separate cost in addition to the job advertisement fee. However, you can always avail a complete package of both job advertisement and resume search credits.

Candidate Contact Pricing

As you can see from the comparison, Kalibrr charges by candidate contacts. Unlike the other job boards, Kalibrr does not charge by per Job advertisement. Instead, Kalibrr requires employers to pay for qualified candidates’ contact details. While employers can post unlimited job advertisements on Kalibrr, they need credits to view the contact details of qualified candidates. For more information, please refer to Kalibrr website.