Every candidate goes into a job interview trying to convince the interviewer that he or she is the perfect candidate for the job. More often than not, these candidates over inflate their achievements trying to impress the interviewer in the hope of securing a job offer. Naturally, over time, the interviewer becomes critical of everything that a candidate says. So these are 5 job interview tips to help you gain credibility.

Because even if you can answer all the questions perfectly but if the interviewer does not trust what you are saying, there is no way that you are going to get the job. So follow these 5 job interview tips to help you seem more trustworthy.

5 tips for Job Interview

Maintain Eye Contact

I know you may have heard of this a thousand times but I am still going to repeat it. Because sometimes, when you are nervous or lack of confidence, you are afraid to make the eye contact. In most cases, most candidates tend to look down. However, the connection of your eyes is going to add credibility to your story. Besides that, our eyes are a very important part of our body language, it adds meaning to whatever we are saying. So always maintain eye contact with the interviewer.

Upright Sitting Posture

How you sit says a lot about you. It gives the interviewer an insight on what kind of a person you are and what you may be thinking or feeling. Even if it may not be a true reflection of who you are and what you think or feel, subconsciously, the interviewer already formed certain impression about you. So always sit upright, and lean slightly towards the interviewer. It helps to show your interest in what the interviewer is saying.

Visible Placement Of Hands

Many of you may not know this so after reading this, don’t ever forget it again. Always place your hands somewhere comfortable and visible to the interviewer. Don’t ever put your hands under the table again. This helps the interviewer to feel that you are transparent and not hiding anything.

Looks Does Play A Part

Despite the fact that appearance is almost never part of the interview evaluation criteria, how you look does play a part on how the interviewer feels about you. If you are interviewing for a role in customer service, don’t dress like a rock star. Every job has a stereotype. A nurse should look like a nurse and a salesman should look like a salesman. Always dress up for the role you are applying for. When you do that, you are giving the interviewer the confidence that you are ready and suitable for that particular role.

Acknowledge That You Are Not Perfect

No one is perfect, including you. Pretending to know what you don’t or claiming to do what you didn’t is not going to do you any good. Once the interviewer spot any inconsistency in your story, your credibility rating is going to drop. As the saying goes, “never hire someone whom you can’t trust”. No matter how talented you may seem to be, if you can’t be trusted, you won’t be hired.

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