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What Is HRIS?

HRIS is an abbreviation for Human Resource Information System. It is a system designed to help human resource professionals to achieve greater efficiency in...
How does the company decide your salary

How does the Company decide Your Salary?

Salary may not be the most important factor, but it has consistently been the top 5 factors that employees are looking for. Since it is...
Types of Payroll System in the Philippines

Types of Payroll System in the Philippines

With so many different payroll systems in the Philippines, it may be confusing for some companies to choose the right payroll system for them without...
How to choose a payroll system in the Philippines

How to choose a Payroll System in the Philippines

Choosing the right payroll system is critical for a smooth transition and effective execution of the human resources policies. Because not all payroll systems...
Attendance Monitoring System

Different Types of Attendance Monitoring System in the Philippines

It is important to be able to monitor the employees' attendance accurately as most employees are paid based on the number of hours that...
Computation of Payroll Philippines

Payroll Computation in the Philippines

For those who do not know how to compute payroll in the Philippines, this is a simple payroll computation guide. In this guide, I will...
how to handle payroll for small business

How to handle Payroll for Small Business

Processing of the payroll requires an understanding of taxation and compensation regulations. However, small businesses may not have a dedicated payroll personnel to process their...
Excel Timesheet Template

Download free Excel Timesheet Template with formulas

One of the most routinary task when processing the payroll is to consolidate and tally all employees' attendance record. More so when employees clock...
Philippine Salary Grade

Philippine Salary Grade – The Salary Standardization Law IV (SSL IV)

The public service faces the same challenges of attracting and retaining good employees as the private sector. In order to be able to compete...
Compensation Strategy

Developing a Compensation Strategy

A compensation strategy is to align all employees, top to bottom, in understanding what the organization wants to achieve; how each employee contributes to...
Compensation Structure

How to create a Compensation Structure

The compensation structure gives the organization an idea of the cost of any position within the organization. Therefore, allowing the organization to budget, monitor...
Compensation and Benefits in the Philippines

Types of Compensation and Benefits in the Philippines

Compensation and benefits is a term commonly used in human resource management. It may also sometimes be known as compensation, benefits and rewards. At...
Overtime Pay

Overtime Pay in the Philippines

The term ‘overtime’ has been commonly used for work done beyond the normal working hours. However, how exactly does the Labor Code of the...
Rest Day in the Philippines

Rest Day Pay in the Philippines

Every employee is entitled to at least 1 rest day after every 6 consecutive normal work days. However, there may be times when you are...
Special Holiday Pay

Special Non Working Holiday Pay

There are 2 types of holidays in the Philippines, regular holidays and special non-working days. This article will you to understand more about the special non-working day: ...
13th Month Pay

13th Month Pay Law and Computation

Section 1 of Presidential Decree No. 851 is modified by Memorandum Order No. 28, s. 1986 to the extent that all employers are hereby...
Night Differential Pay Rate

Night Differential Rate and Computation of Night Differential Pay

Night Differential or Night Shift Differential (NSD) is an additional compensation provided to workers who worked during the night. This additional pay is also...
Calamity Leave

Special Emergency Leave, Calamity Leave in the Philippines

An employer may grant calamity leave or emergency leave to employees for circumstances such as typhoon, flooding or other unforeseen circumstances. What is Calamity...
Special Leave Benefits for Women

The Magna Carta of Women – Special Leave Benefits for Women

What are the Special Leave Benefits for Women The special leave benefits for women are mandated under Republic Act No. 9710, also known as ‘The...
Solo Parent Leave

Solo Parent Leave in the Philippines

An employee who is assuming sole responsibility for parenthood may be entitled to parental leave or more commonly known as solo parent leave. Solo Parent...
Paternity Leave Act of 1996 Philippines

Paternity Leave Act of 1996 in the Philippines

Under Republic Act No. 8187 also known as the ‘Paternity Leave Act of 1996’, a male employee is entitled to 7 days of leave for...
Maternity Leave Policy and SSS Maternity Benefit

Maternity Leave Policy and SSS Maternity Benefit

While Article 131 (previously article 133) of the Labor Code of the Philippines provides for maternity leave benefit, it has since been integrated with...
Sick Leave and SSS Sickness Benefit

Sick Leave Policy and SSS Sickness Benefit

Falling sick sometimes is not within our control. As much as we try to keep ourselves strong and healthy, we inevitably fall sick at...
Bereavement Leave

Bereavement Leave, Compassionate Leave and Funeral Leave

Bereavement leave, also known as compassionate leave or funeral leave, is not covered in the Labor Code of the Philippines. It is a management...
Income Tax Refund in the Philippines

What is Income Tax Refund and how to compute your Tax Refund in the...

Income tax refund refers to the return of excess taxes withheld from the employees. This situation may occur when the total amount of withheld...
Withholding Tax Computation

Computation of Withholding Tax in the Philippines

In the Philippines, employers act as the withholding agent for the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR). So employers are required to compute, deduct and...
Income Tax and Withholding Tax Philippines

Personal Income Tax and Withholding Tax on compensation

Employers are required to act as withholding agents to ensure that their employees' pay the right amount of income tax every year. Failure to do...
Leave Benefits in Philippines

Overview of Leave Benefits in the Philippines

Surprisingly (or not), not all of the employee's leave benefits can be found in the Labor Code of the Philippines. Find out all of them here.
Working Hours Philippines

Working Hours in the Philippines

Are you paid for your meal period? Does your job require you to travel? Or maybe waiting is part of your job? Find out how to determine working hours.