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Resume Font

The best Resume Font for Job Application

Your resume font doesn't really matter... Or does it? Of all the things that you should be worried about, the resume font is probably at the...
Interviewer bias

Common Job Interview Biases

Interviewers, like any other people, have a tendency to be biased. These interviewer biases may cause the interviewer to make a decision not based...
how to conduct a job interview

How to conduct a Job Interview

Conducting a job interview is as challenging for the interviewer as for the applicant. Because the interviewer needs to determine within that short 2...
How to write a job advertisement

How to write a Job Advertisement

A good job advertisement should be able to attract qualified candidates to apply. Qualified candidates mean candidates who can perform the job. So the job...
How to write a job description

How to write a Job Description

Writing a job description that accurately and realistically portrays the job and attracting suitable candidates is difficult. Besides, it requires a clear understanding of...
Interview questions for recruitment specialist

Interview Questions for Recruitment Specialist

A recruitment specialist or recruiter is the one who brings the talent into the company. And attracting of talented employees is a skill, not...
Interview questions for hr position in the Philippines

Interview Questions For HR Position In The Philippines

The interview questions for HR position in the Philippines is dependent on the HR function that you will be working on. However, when the...
Lack of trust between management and employees

Why is there a lack of Trust between Management and Employees?

Companies have long wanted to be able to control the performance of their employees. It would be mind blowing if we can eliminate the...
The reason why you cannot find your dream job

The reason why you cannot find your Dream Job

Everyone has a dream job but not everyone grows up doing their dream job. But why can't all of us do things that we...

How to use Facebook to find a Job

Facebook is the largest social networking site with more than 39.8 million users in the Philippines. Therefore, it is also a popular recruitment platform...
free social media recruitment tools

5 Free Social Media Recruitment Tools

Although many recruitment experts would say that social media recruiting is part of a successful recruitment strategy, I think it is still not that...
Facebook job posting

4 ideas Recruiters use to create an engaging Facebook Job Posting

As a social media platform, Facebook is the place where users participate in social networking. It is the place where users interact with each...
How to use Facebook to recruit employees

How to Recruit Employees on Facebook in the Philippines?

When it comes to sourcing for candidates on social media, most recruiters will think of LinkedIn. After all, it brands itself as the platform...
Different Types of Interview Format

11 different types of Interview Format

An interview may not always be face to face or even one to one. Sometimes it is conducted over the phone, and sometimes with...
The Best Questions to ask an Interviewer in 2017

The Best Questions to ask an Interviewer in 2017

It is important to know that an interview is a 2-way communication. You have as much choice to choose your employer as the interviewer...
What is a job interview

What is a Job Interview?

A job interview is an opportunity for both parties to have a deeper understanding to determine if they are suitable for each other. Like a...
How to answer interview questions

How to answer Job Interview Questions

Have you ever wondered how many people applied for the same job that you do? And does the interviewer ask the same set of...
Job Interview Tips

The Best Job Interview Tips in 2017

Every candidate goes into a job interview trying to convince the interviewer that he or she is the perfect candidate for the job. More often...
Interview Questions for Fresh Graduates

Job Interview Questions for Fresh Graduates

Being a fresh graduate sometimes means that you had never been to a job interview before. That's fine. But if it means that you...
Tell me about yourself

How To Answer Tell Me About Yourself

"Tell me about yourself" is a common way to start an interview. It allows you and the interviewer to warm up and break the...
payment for job advertisement

Job Advertisement Price In The Philippines

Advertising a job on online job boards can be costly. A single job advertisement can easily cost more than P1,000. Besides, the more popular...
Free Job Posting Site Philippines

30+ Free Job Posting Sites For Employers In The Philippines

Companies and recruiters often source through job posting sites. Because it is one of the easiest ways to broadcast to thousands of active job...

Resume Format In The Philippines

A resume format is important because according to a study, recruiters spend only an average of 6 seconds per resume. A good resume can help guide the recruiters and highlight areas of importance. The 3 different resume formats that job seekers can use are; chronological resume format, functional resume format, and hybrid resume format. Other elements such as font, color, size and style also affects how the recruiter view the resume.