In the Philippines, most employees are paid by the number of hours they work. And when an employee receives a fixed monthly salary, the salary is for a fixed number hours of work. So the number of working hours of employee matters. But what is the normal working hours in the Philippines? And is break time paid? What about the waiting time and training time?

What You Will Learn

  • Working Hours in the Philippines
  • Break Time Policy
  • Common question: is waiting time considered work hours?
  • Common question: should I be paid for training?

Labor Code of the Philippines – Working Hours

According to the Labor Code of the Philippines, normal working hours should be 8 hours a day, 6 days a week. And the employee shall be entitled to overtime pay for work done beyond the 8 hours in a single workday. However, the company may adopt flexible work arrangement such as compressed workweek that allows an employee to work up to 12 hours without overtime premium.

However, there are some scenarios where employers and employees may not agree on the actual working hours which may result in a labor dispute. These common disputes include those involving travelling time, training time and, meal and rest period. In general, hours worked includes all the time an employee is required to be at a specific place and all the time the employee spent working.

Break Time Policy

The employer is required to provide the employee with at least 1 hour meal period and such time-off may not be considered as part of the working hours. However, coffee breaks not more than 20 minutes are considered as work time. In practice, such rest period or coffee break is regulated by company policy.

Is waiting time considered work hours?

The time spent waiting to perform work by an employee shall be considered as working time if the time spent waiting is controlled by the employer even if no work is performed. Furthermore, an employee whose duty requires him to maintain his availability for work purposes shall also be compensated for the said period.

Should I be paid for training?

When employees (1) voluntarily participate in training activities, (2) which are conducted outside office hours, and (3) no work was done, it shall not be considered as work time. However, if any of the conditions is not met, the time spent shall be part of the working hours.

For more information on labor regulations, please refer to Presidential Decree No. 442, s. 1974.